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Jim Hayes Accompanied by The Cooperation Band.
Conducted by Mike Fowles.

Album Tracklist:

  1. You Know My Name - Chris Cornell - Arr. Lee Morris (SMP Music Press, Item: HQ.706895-125219)
  2. Amazing Grace - Tradtional - Arr. Chris Gorman (with permission from Canadian Brass)
  3. Fujiko - Andy Scott - Arr. Jim Fieldhouse (Astute Music)
  4. California Dreamin' - John Phillips & Michelle Phillips - Arr. Adam Taylor (Cantatio Publishing)
  5. Unforgettable - Irving Gordon - Arr. Mark Freeh, based on Nelson Riddle (m/s)
  6. Mission 459 - Kenny Baker (Studio Music Company)
  7. The Impossible Dream - Mitch Leigh (m/s)
  8. Summertime - George Gerswhin - Arr. Chris Gorman based on James Last (m/s)
  9. Who Wants To Live Forever - Brian May - Arr. Allan Ramsay (with Permission of Hal Leonard LLC for the exclusive use of The Cooperation Band)
  10. The Living Tree - Catherine Feeney & Nikki Lamborn - Arr. Chris Gorman (with kind permission of Lock Stock and Barrel Music to Modrana Music Publishers Ltd)
  11. Wild Ride! - Andy Scott (Astute Music)
  12. The Edge of Forever - Paul Lovatt-Cooper (PLC Music Ltd)
  13. Shenandoah - Traditional - Arr. James McFadyen (Devilish Publishing)
  14. Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Brahms - Arr. Derek Barnes, based on Rafael Mendez (m/s)
  15. Stars Are Not Too Far - Liz Lane (m/s)



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